Home Security Tips:

If you see something, say something.

No Burglers
When you go to bed at night, keep your car keys close by (on a night stand). If you hear someone breaking into your home, set off the car's alarm by pressing the panic button on your car's alarm remote control. This will cause the burgler to flee.
No Burglers If you have a dog, or even if you do not have a dog, keep an old dog leash hanging off a garage door handle or near the front stoop in plain sight (be careful no one trips on it). Also keep a dog's water dish and or an old ball in the front yard so that it reinforces the appearance that a dog lives on the premises.
No Burglers
Lighting is a deterrent. Motion detection lighting is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any home improvement center. Installing these lights in place of existing outdoor fixtures will eliminate the need to leave an outside light on all evening.
No Burglers Noise is a deterrent. Small but loud noise screaming devices are relatively inexpensive and can be hung on the inside of windows and on the inside knob of entrance doors. These devices emit a loud screeching sound when the window or door is moved. If you are out during the day, keep a radio on and use timers during the day and evening to give the affect someone is home.
No Burglers
Create the impression someone is home even if no one is there. Take in mail, garbage cans, recycle bins, circulars and newspapers as soon as possible. Leaving these items outside all day could make it appear no one is home and that may make your house a more enticing target to a burglar. On those days when no one is home during the day, use trash bags in place of garbage containers.  Make sure your mailbox is of sufficient size so that your mail is concealed in the mailbox. Set up arrangements with your neighbor to assist one another.

Here is a list of Burglary Prevention/Home Invasion Safty Tips from the Nassau County Police Department

  1. Check your home for all possible entry points and any weaknesses that they may have.
  2. Check for overgrown shrubbery and trees; maintain clear lines of sight for your enterances and driveway. Trim shrubs to a hight of three feet and tree canopies should be trimmed ut to eight feet. Eliminate hiding areas around enterances.
  3. Check exterior lighting, this includes the back and sides of the home. Try to maintain uniform lighting and eliminate dark spots and shadows.
  4. Check wimdows and door locks, make sure they are in working order. Install a wide-angle door viewer that permits you to look outside before opening the door.
  5. Lock all doors, windows and garage doors whenever possible, prior to leaving your residence, going to bed or leaving on vacation.
  6. Move and secure items that could be used to facilitate entry through ground floor windows, make sure that casement windows cannot be pulled open to allow entry.
  7. At night close your drapes, blinds and window treatments as a deterrent. If the subjects cannot see into your home they may be reluctant to enter.
  8. Set your alarm before going to bed. You may consider having a panic button installed near the bed or use a wireless remote alarm key chain or pendent. Have a phone near the bed.
  9. Leave an interior light on or use a timer to turn the light on and off. Leave a radio of television on in the house.
  10. Discontinue any deliveries while away on business or vacation. Arrenge for family or friends to visit your home while you're away.
  11. Take time to inventory, photograph and have an appraisal conducted on valuable items. Prepare a videotape of your home's contents and store it in a safe place. Keep valuables out of the master bedroom. Store them in a safe or safe deposit box.
  12. Make your propery using an engraving tool for identification.
  13. When appraching or leaving your home, look for suspicious persons or vehicles.
  14. As a deterrent vary your routine.
  15. Start a neighborhood watch.
  16. If you discover that your home has been burglarized, DO NOT ENTER. IMMEDIATELTY CALL THE POLICE BY DIALING 911.
If you are home and a burglar confronts you...
When the subject leaves, call the Police by dialing 911.


The Nassau County Police Department is advising residents that this time of the year when the warmer weather brings the homeowner out of the house and the burglar out on the prowl, open windows, doors, and garage doors are an invitation to a potential thief.

Information developed by the Nassau County Police Department’s Asset Forfeiture and Intelligence Lead Development Center and the Crimes Against Property Squad indicate that a particular group of organized transient criminals commonly known as “Gypsies” are perpetrating a series of burglaries and scams throughout Nassau County.
The “modus operendi” of these mostly Eastern Europeans is to drive in groups in a particular residential area in a car or van usually with out of state registration plates.  One subject portraying a surveyor or a contractor, approaches the homeowners, at their residences. While engaging in distracting conversation, the subject diverts the homeowners into their rear yards providing a means for an accomplice(s) to surreptitiously enter the home and commit a burglary.

There are several things residents can do to protect themselves from being victimized by these individuals:
  1. Make sure your doors and windows are locked even when you are at home.
  2. Set your home burglar alarm system every time you leave your house even if it’s for a short period of time.  This group is known to watch as homeowners leave and immediately enter the vacant house.
  3. Lock valuables in a safe and don’t leave cash and jewelry in a conspicuous place such as the bedrooms, kitchen, or counter.

Residents should report any suspicious activity immediately by calling 911.

Other Crime Tips

When you go to the mall or to other shopping areas, where you will be shopping at several stores, remember to put your purchases in the trunk of your car or under the rear cover of your SUV. Before going into another store, move your car. If someone is watching your movements and they see you going back into a store for more shopping, your car will be a prime target for someone to break in and take your purchases. By moving your car, it is less likely that anyone will know that you have items in your trunk.

This page will be updated as new home security tips are submitted and approved for presentation. Log on often and learn more home security tips.